It's firework season in Imperial Valley

See where you can light your purhcases

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Firework season is here and in parts of the desert southwest you will see booths popping up to sale the latest sparklers, smoke balls and piccolo petes, all for a good cause.

News 11 visited a firework booth and takes a look at where you can light up your purchases in Imperial County.

 “Yesterday and today are a little slow, usually the first couple of days are slow and it picks up as we get into July, July 1st,” said Victor Nuno, Station Director at 95.3 FM The Edge.

Fireworks stands opened Wednesday and will stay open through July 4th.

 “Each TNT firework booth that you'll see around the valley benefits different nonprofit, here, local nonprofit. Ours is Youth For Christ and 95.3 FM The Edge,” added Nuno.

When setting off fireworks, you can light them up in most cities, except for one.

 “Fireworks are not allowed in the city of imperial, that is not allowed in the city. We do not allow, just for safety purposes,” said Alexis Chalupnik, Public Information Officer with City of Imperial.

The city says there no specific incident as to why fireworks were banned, it simply to keep the residents safe.

We asked if they planned on changing the ban anytime soon.

 “There’s not any talk of changing that, we have been approached by various members of the community at different points requesting to see if there is a change in the ordinance. If any community members are interested in doing that, the correct form would be to attend a city council meeting, and you could address the council in public comment,” explained Chalupnik.

For now community residents are welcomed to join fireworks shows like “Freedom Fest” that takes place at Imperial Valley College.

People who choose to light their fireworks at home will have plenty to choose from, and now have an idea of what to expect.

 “It’s on a scale of 1 to 4 so the higher the number the lower your getting, the color on this one is a 1, so you're not getting a lot of color in this one but you’re getting a lot of noise, this is the piccolo pete’s, the ones that whistle really loud,” said Nuno.

For more information on fireworks and events you can head to

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