IV Rocks; getting people active in a creative way

Local kindness project attracts over 2,000 members


IMPERIAL, Calif. - People in Imperial Valley are painting rocks and hiding them all over the place.

It’s all part of a kindness project on Facebook that aims to get families outside and active and News 11 met up with the person who started it all.

The page is called iv rocks and has gained over 2,000 members in just a of couple months.

Kelli Maielli, a mother of three was inspired to bring this idea to Imperial County not only because it’s fun, but to also distract her kids from cell-phone and TV screens.

 “Some friends of mine in San Diego are a part of a group called Santee Rocks that was also started by someone who grew up here in the valley, which was kind of funny” said Kellie Maielli, Imperial resident and IV Rocks Founder.

People have been posting their works of art online and hiding them in places like parks, shopping centers and even churches. And with all the fun, comes a set of rules to follow.

 “We ask that no one glues anything onto the rocks, we don't want anything to fall off and cause litter in the community, we don't want any choking hazards for wildlife as well for children,” added Maielli.

People are asked avoid hiding rocks inside businesses, keeping the fun outdoors.

 “Just definitely don't want to put any managers out or make their jobs harder in the community,” explained Maielli.

The search for the rocks is just part of the fun; people have been making all sorts of great creations from tasty looking treats, to rocks paying tribute to famous singers.

 “We recommend that you use acrylic paint and then we definitely use a sealer to keep the designs from getting messed up. We ask that you post the message for the group on the back of the rock and it lets people know to post it in our Facebook when the find it and please re-hide it,” said Maielli.

I was able to join in on the fun by hiding an emoji rock at “Papa” A Eager Park for one lucky viewer to find.

Before you get started on painting and hiding rocks you can find the full list of rules on the Facebook description page by visiting this link:

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