IVC provides free services for students at health fair

IMPERIAL, Calif. - Imperial Valley College and Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District teamed up to provide health screening services to college students. And the best part, it was all free.

Hundreds of students were in and out of the IVC College Center. Some just to see what was happening, others to take full advantage of the free services being provided.

“This is my second year coming, I come it’s honestly awesome. You can get the flu shot and then not only that, you can get lab, you can get blood work,” said Guillermina Padilla, IVC Student.

Students were able to get free flu vaccines, blood glucose tests, eye exams and nutritional consultations. We followed one student as she got her flu shot.

“It’s easy, you just get a little slip, put your name your address, your phone number. You make a line and then you get your flu shot and then that's it, you're good for the whole year,” explained Padilla.

Then it was off to the blood lab station to get my blood drawn.

“We draw their CBC, CNP, their lipid panel, and prostate levels. Also, we do hemoglobin A1C, if they have known to be diabetic,” said Lupita Arce, Phlebotomy Manager with Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District.

The process was fairly painless; results are ready within an hour and sent to the campus nurse.

“The nurse will then get the results, then she will get ahold of the students and the students will be able to have their reports to take to their primary physician,” explained Arce.

 “There’s so many resources, there’s so many people that you can talk to and yeah, it’s awesome, you know,” added Padilla.

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