IVC recognized for preparing their students for the workforce

IVC Career Program

The California Community Colleges Strong Workforce Program, honored six Imperial Valley College career educations programs for successfully improving their students employment and wage outcomes.

Among the careers programs awarded were welding technology program and emergency medical services and nursing.

Efrain Silva, dean of the economics and workforce development program says, it's a privilege to receive this recognition. "And I think awards demonstrate that, the programs are effective, that the technology that we're using to teach our students is what industry needs. And it's just a very significant honor for us and what it represents."

Silva also says, the success as been their vision for the career program from the very beginning. "We always envisioned success. We always want the best for our students. And it's so gratifying seeing this success recognized."

Thanks to the career education program's growing success, they've recently been rewarded an annual supplement fund of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. Their plan is to expand the options of careers available in their program. "After we hear from the community, our job is to do the necessary research. In terms of employment data, in terms of curriculum available, in terms of equipment that is necessary. That's what we're doing right now. We're exploring, always exploring new opportunities for our students. and new opportunities for our business community."

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