IVC unveils new solar project

Expected to save the college $8 million in costs

IVC solar project

A new solar field is up and running at Imperial Valley College.

It is a 3 megawatt project and part of an effort to provide renewable energy solutions throughout the valley and the state.

The new solar facility is on 17 acres of land is expected to save the college $8 million dollars over the next 25 years.

ZGlobal installed the solar cells and the facility is currently running on 1 and a third megawatts but hopes to be generating the full 3 megawatts of power by next week.

 “It is looking at securing you know, our basic environment for the next 25 years. This was a project, private public partnership. The cost of the installation and maintenance of the solar panels is born completely by the energy firm,” said Victor Jaime, Superintendent and President of Imperial Valley College.

The solar field will help Imperial Valley College meet 90 percent their energy needs for the next 25 years and it doesn't cost taxpayers, students or the college any money.

The college is able to do so because of their purchase and sale agreement with Greenlight Energy.

 “This is our first school but in total we’ve done ten projects, six of them have been in the Imperial Valley. One of the things I am most proud of is utilizing local contractors. That’s the grading, the fencing, the installation of the racking, the panels, the wiring. It’s all done by local hands,” said Jeremy Vaa, President/CEO of Greenlight Energy Corp.

We’re told this facility will also be used for the renewable energy majors on campus, the Superintendent explained that students basically got a new lab to get more of hands on learning experience.

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