Jury finds man guilty of hit-and-run on all counts

Jury finds man guilty of hit-and-run

EL CENTRO, Calif. - The man accused of the hit-and-run death of an 11-year-old boy was declared guilty on all counts on Monday at El Centro’s Courthouse.

The jury began deliberations on Thursday, took Friday and the weekend off, and about midday on Monday was ready to give its verdict. They declared James Edward Killian guilty on all counts in the hit-and-run death of 11-year-old Avory Glover. A close friend of the victim’s family could hardly believe it.

Marlene Thomas said, “Feeling just kind of stunned, trying to grasp what we had just heard.”

She said the evidence incriminating Killian was overwhelming.

“The mere fact that he left the scene of the accident; the mere fact that he hid his car; I could not conclude that anyone with a good sane mind would come back with any other verdict other than guilty,” Thomas said.

Avory was killed as he walked along Dealwood Road, east of Dogwood Road, with two friends in the evening of April 4, 2015. His two friends were not injured.

“There’s nothing worse than expecting your child to come home and they do not return,” Thomas.

She said the tragedy has taken a heavy toll on the victim’s mother.

“When the verdict came out, I glanced at her initially, and I saw her just put her hands across her chest and close her eyes,” Thomas said about Charla Huggins, mother of Avory.

Thomas pointed out that Avory’s friends were victims, as well, for having witnessed the accident and losing their friend.

“A lot of people are just hurt, broken,” Thomas said.

Killian faces up to four years behind bars. Thomas explained that Avory’s family have said it’s not enough.

“There are many people in the county jail for lesser crimes with longer sentences that he will get for the death of her son,” She said.

Thomas added that whatever the sentence is, it will fall far short of making up for the pain this tragedy has caused.

“It’s not a happy home. It’s not a family anymore,” Thomas said.

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