Kofa High School teachers lead 'Red for Ed' movement

Kofa Walk In

YUMA, Ariz. - Teachers across Yuma County participated in the 'Red for Ed' movement that's been sweeping across the state Wednesday. 

According to Yuma Unified High School District officials, over 300 people participated in the movement that has since gone national. 

Teachers working at the high school said they hope to see legislators take action and increase teacher salaries by 20 percent.

Marc Osborn, a Kofa High School teacher said it's about time the state of Arizona makes changes to its educational system. 

"Arizona is neglecting education," Osborn said. "And with the other movements going around the country, it's about time we stand up for our communities and our students and everyone involved in education." 

The Red for Ed movement is driven by a push for a 20% raise for Arizona teachers and more than one billion dollars in new education funding, according to the Associated Press. 

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