Late Christmas shopping is a long-standing tradition for some shoppers

Late Christmas shopping

BRAWLEY, Calif. - During this holiday season, some Brawley residents said they observed the longstanding tradition of last-minute Christmas shopping.

On Saturday’s Christmas eve, these Brawley residents shared with us why they hold fast to the long-standing tradition of last-minute Christmas shopping.

“It’s a matter of not having time. I work two jobs,” Clara Andrade Bailey said.

She shared her last-minute Christmas shopping list.

“Some last-minute gifts and stuff that I needed for dinner,” Bailey said.

Christmas shopper Viviana Gomez said she came to buy items for Christmas dinner. She said you can’t buy that ahead of time.

Christmas shopper Vincent Neeter said it’s a matter of secrecy.

“Last minute shopping so my wife can’t find out what I’m buying her,” Neeter said.

Whatever the reason may be, last-minute Christmas shopping is a long standing tradition that Bailey says will probably never leave us.

“They (Christmas shoppers) don’t have time or they’re stretching their money. Or they just don’t have an idea of what to buy someone,” Bailey concluded.

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