Border City Latinos with Trump

Latino Trump supporte

Yuma,Ariz. - The New York Times recently wrote an article about Latinos from Yuma County supporting the President-elect.


Antonio and Anthony Martinez, father and son, manage two local barber shops in Yuma. Yuma is known for their growing agricultural industry and large Hispanic population. They were recently featured in an article in The New York Times about their support for the president-elect . We caught up with them to hear their view on why they support  Donald Trump.

Antonio Martinez came to the U.S. illegally in 1995. Throughout his time, he's gone through many obstacles in his life. Working numerous jobs, learning a new language, he was determined for a better life. Martinez became a citizen through marriage and began raising a family. He opened two barbershops where his son, Anthony, helps him manage.

"We are people who like to work, they want to succeed. They want to overcome by themselves, and in that area he(Donald Trump) offers a better future for us."

Despite what Trump has said about Mexicans during the campaign, Martinez feels differently about how he will lead the country.

"Everybody got surprised because it wasn't the case. I can see that. Every day I talk to people and they support him. They're happy that he will be the next president because everybody has a little hope in him."

His son adds on,"All they got is their facts from social media and that's not legit at all, he did say that at some point. He had more to say before that and after that makes the statement completely different."

Unlike the majority of border cities, Trump won Yuma County by one percentage point. Antonio gives an insight on how Trump will make America Great again.

"I think his ideas are a little better, his main focus is our country, and that's how it should be you know? we should be able to fence for ourselves, we don't need any help from outside, and if he can do that then that is really beneficial for all of us here."


Read the article from The New York Times here.

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