Let the Good Times Roll

Car Show promises to be a "Good Time"

The stories differ depending on who you talk to; but according to the San Diego Automotive Museum the birth of "lowriding" was in Southern California. In the 50's, lowriders started by riding their cars low to the ground and later hydraulics were introduced. Since then the lowriding scene has evolved to include a variety of elements which all are combined to show each owners individual personality. 

  Present Day, the traditional lowrider is usually a vintage model with every knick and cranny either painted or chromed. But, these days the new generation of car enthusiasts have taken the spirit of lowriding and adapted it to their vehicle of choice. Whether they drive an import, an exotic of a sport utility you can see a little of the past in each of what can only be described as rolling art. 

   From pen striping, air brushing, paint patterns and one off paints the car scene has evolved into a community of artists and have taken self expression on the road. Sal Arroyo, President of the Good Times Car Club in Yuma has lived the lowrider lifestyle since he was a kid. He tells me that all it took was one car show and he was hooked. During the years Arroyo had many cars and his present Lincoln holds true to what are described as modern lowriders. 

   His car features reminiscences of the past, and as it coasts down the street it's shiny undercarriage gets noticed and his paint scheme tells a story. Good Times holds their "Let the Good Times Roll" Car Show each and every year they give those on the outside looking in the opportunity to get an up close look at these works of art. This years event is on February 10, 2018 from 11am-5pm at the Wild River Entertainment Center on Avenue B and County 15th. The event is free to the public. 

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