"Lettuce Bike Ride" explores the fields of Yuma County

Lettuce Ride

Yuma,Ariz. - "The Lettuce Ride, it's going to places we grow food in Yuma," says Jeffrey Brand the Vice President of the Yuma Bike Coalition.

The annual bike ride has two routes to choose from that's perfect for a beginner and an expert.

"Thirty mile which is a fun ride and the other is a ten-mile family ride."

Deb, a member of the YBC, says it's a perfect ride to appreciate what Yuma has to offer.

"It's just a lovely lovely ride you know, it's like get out and get some exercise and enjoy a gorgeous exercise I'm sure."

Not only is the Lettuce ride a great way to get outside and exercise, you're also helping those battling cancer.

"This is the first time Yuma Bike Coalition to help raise a significant amount of money to Cancer Research Center it's one of the most important charities in our community, and we hope that everyone comes out and has a great time"

So far the Y.B.C has raised over four thousand dollars weeks before the event. If you would like to be apart of the cause you can pre-register before rates go up click here.

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