Local Activist is working with Mexican Authorities to combat drug trafficking

Local Activist working with Mexican...

A local activist is working with Mexican authorities to stop drugs from entering the states. 

Over 1,000 children cross the U.S. Border to go to school every day. For the last 10 years, David Lara has been bringing awareness of the Mexican drug cartel targeting young students to cross the border with illegal drugs. It's a "loophole" smugglers has found because of the "light" to no consequences if they are caught. Lara says most of the children who cross are usually alone. 

"The children won't talk about it and the parents won't talk about it. This is a very "taboo" problem."

David Lara is a local activist who is making the community aware of this issue by working with local and international officials to stop the drugs from entering. 

"The municipality and the police department of San Luis Rio Colorado have acknowledged that there is a problem. They are doing something to prevent this from happening. 

To combat the problem the Mexican Police is passing out thousands of flyers to student and parents who cross the U.S. Border every day. The flyer warns the dangers of smuggling and how children are being influenced. 

"What I would like the community to do is to pressure their local city councils, supervisors, and also at the state level and the federal level. This problem has to stop. Children are being used as drug mules to cross with drugs-heavy drugs." 



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