Local agencies take part in emergency response drill


EL CENTRO, Calif. - Multiple agencies in Imperial Valley took part in the California Statewide Medical and Health Exercise.



Emergency response teams established command areas near the U.S. Mexico border where dangerous scenarios played out as emergency forces responded.



This is an annual exercise led by the California Department of Public Health and Emergency Medical Services Authority.



Organizers tell News 11 that they wanted to make these exercises feel as real as possible which is why they were based on trending events.



“Our first incident was, there was going to be a demonstration at the border. During that same time there was going to be a vehicle, a van that was going to run over several people in the demonstration,” said Lieutenant Jesus Serrano with the Calexico Police Department.



The next exercise was an active shooter drill.



“The scenarios that we chose aren't based on any threats that we’ve actually received but what we look at is kind of the national and state trends,” said Chris Herring, Preparedness Manager with Imperial County Public Health Department.



Mission School was asked to participate in this drill; the whole campus took part and was able to practice their Calexico lockdown drill and procedures.



“What you don’t see out here today is actually all of our healthcare, the majority of our healthcare facilities including El Centro Regional and Pioneers Memorial Hospital are participating as well as many of the small clinics,” added Herring.



“We have a seasoned supervisor with some brand new patrol officers who are actually taking part in this exercise,” explained Serrano.



“It gives all of the agencies and opportunity to meet face to face, practice their skills with each other and really hone in on the communication between the agencies as well,” said Herring.

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