Local airport gets national attention


YUMA, Ariz. - Yuma International Airport is getting some national attention. CBS came down to the Desert Southwest to get some insight into our airport in Yuma.

Specifically they wanted to get information on regional airports. They wanted to see what economic effects regional air service plays in our area and also what are the long-term effects to our community if the service is reduced or discontinued. The national correspondent visited several airports nationwide, however Yuma is said to be the only regional air service highlighted on the west coast. Airport Director, Gladys Wiggins explains why supporting our local airport is vital to our community. 

"Biggest thing is, is if you can choose to fly locally...You really want to fly locally because that is the only way we can grow our service, but most definitely maintain and sustain the service we have today. It's really about your time and the value of your time and it's the ease of flying. It's the less stress, knowing that you can get someone to drop you off or you can park your car here and it's safe," said Wiggins.

Wiggins adds that the reason for high prices is due to fuel cost, crew and pilot wages, but in order to sustain an airport in Yuma, it has to be used. The more business it brings, the more opportunity for growth in adding direct connecting flights to LAX and other regions on the west coast. 

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