Local city completes million dollar downtown lighting project


EL CENTRO, Calif. - The city of El Centro celebrated the completion of a project they have been working on for quite some time now.

News 11 joined city officials as they celebrated the completion of the downtown lighting project.


“When we look at downtown and we look at rebuilding downtown, the most important thing is that we address this strategically,” said Alex Cardenas, Mayor of the City of El Centro.

The mayor also spoke of three major elements that the city is looking at zoning, lighting, and parking.

"This project which is about 1.8 million, 1.1 million of it dedicated exclusively to overhead lighting and pedestrian lighting is significant for our downtown,” added Cardenas.

This project was a collaborative effort between federal, state and private money.

“AT&T actually donated a quarter of a million dollars to this project through the mitigation opportunity. So again, this is very very important when it comes to bringing economic development to our downtown,” said Cardenas.

Local business owners tell us they feel it is a step in the right direction.

“It’s definitely a plus, you know it was very dark here with the lighting they had before. Businesses close as it is early, they don't stay open late. There are a few here on Main Street that do, we’d like to change that, that lighting is going to help it,” said Wendy Luevano, Owner of Simply @ Home.

Luevano has been staying open later, but says now what businesses need is more foot traffic.

“Whether they come to buy or not at our business, but to get them down here to Main Street, how it used to be. We used to come walking down Main Street just to look at the shops. Where are the people now,” asked Luevano.


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