Local city cracks down on graffiti violators

New ordinance brings tougher consequences


EL CENTRO, Calif. - The city of El Centro is cracking down on vandals who are tagging the city with graffiti.

People will now also be able to get an award for information that leads to an arrest.

Around this time last year, News 11 covered a story on the increase of graffiti in El Centro, now this year the city has created an ordinance to make harsher punishments for continued violators.

 “The new ordinance basically strengthens provision for sitting people and make parents and legal guardians responsible if minors are conducting graffiti,” said Norma Villicana, Director of Community Development for the City of El Centro.

The city amended its municipal code which strengthens the penalties for graffiti defacement.

Parents or guardians may also be ordered to perform community service because of a violation and will have to serve one half of those hours with minors.

 “The ordinance allows for penalties up to $40,600. A lean would be placed on your property, on the parent’s property if that is the case,” added Villicana.

People in the community will also have the opportunity to earn a $150 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Local police referred us to penal code 594 to see additional consequences that may be added.

 “The ordinance has more teeth to it and we're hoping that this can solve the issues of the ongoing graffiti problems that we have, not only here in the city, but everywhere,” explained Villicana.

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