Local couple spearheads Harvey donation campaign


YUMA, Ariz. - Despite the devastation storm Harvey brought upon the city of Houston - People across the country are coming together to extend a helping hand. 

A local couple, David Murray and Bailey Elias, spearheaded a donation campaign that aimed to help the victims of storm Harvey on Tuesday. 
According to Murray, the couple was taking donations at the Walmart parking lot near Pacific Avenue Tuesday evening. Dozens of people brought a plethora of donations - From toiletries to cases of water. 
The couple said it was important for them to give back to a community in need because of the loss they've once been through. 
"If it was me," Murray said. "I would want the same thing to happen. It's horrible."
Moreover, Murray said it was encouraging to see the city of Yuma come together for the sake of helping others. 
For ways you can donate, contact David Murray through his Facebook platform. He said he'll be accepting more donations on Saturday. 

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