Local eatery reaching for the skies

Yuma International gets more wings

Business looking to welcome visitors in style

In just the past few months the Yuma International Airport has undergone a transformation, going from a caterpillar, modern but mirrored every other small airport then it went into a cocoon. After a few months the airport came out of its shell and left onlookers in awe; with newly designed areas that show the essence that is Yuma County. 

   Those that have visited the Yuma International Airport, whether for business or play can see a difference. The walls are filled with aviation history and Yuma memorabilia. Now, the airport has a new addition that is expected not only to become a favorite for visitors but may also bring new faces to the airport. Brewers Sport Bar and Grill has opted to spread their wings, if you will. 

   Having been one Yuma's favorite eateries for years the restaurant has branched out, building a mini-version of their restaurant at the airport. The new addition stands out as it rests in the middle of the terminal. One feature that sets it apart is the guardrails they chose to use as partitions and the restaurants rustic look makes it very appealing to the eye. Manager Stephen Aguilar told us that this is only the beginning and that Brewers is planning on expanding their services to other parts of Yuma County. 

   Aguilar was very passionate when he spoke about the restaurant and the improvements they've made thus far. He was especially proud of the fact that they've started delivering more into East County, now going as east as Avenue 9E. Aguilar is confident that the new location will leave visitors with a lasting impression of Yuma and is looking forward to seeing locals come in and see it for themselves. Some key items he wanted to address was their new breakfast menu which they start serving at five in the morning and that Brewers will validate your parking. 

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