Local family covers up the graffiti problem

A family in Yuma County is taking action against gang-related graffiti by covering it up with something positive. 
Tagging is a consistent problem in our neighborhoods and it's usually on homes, walls, and businesses, but for Arely Frejoso and her family, they saw the damage on their home as an opportunity to send a positive message.
"As soon as I pull out of the driveway, I saw my wall being tagged and I was so sad about it and bummed out," said Frejoso. "I was thinking how am I going to show something different."
Using colorful chalk to draw hearts, quotes, and religious symbols, it's become the biggest "cover-up" in Yuma. Dennis Navarro, a family member of Arely, said they wanted to send a message to whoever damaged his sister's home.

"I looked kind of bad in the neighborhood, so we just came together and wrote over it. We wanted to send a message to whoever tagged the wall, that their tagging doesn't mean anything to us, we wrote over with happiness and joy" 
A masterpiece created by mostly children, drawing hearts, quotes, and symbols showing love. For Yanitza, an elementary student, she's hoping for a change in her community. 
"People who pass here, if they see, I think it will encourage people to stop. Maybe they'll tell their family members to come look at this and see the masterpiece." 
If you'd like to report any graffiti in your area or help clean up the city, contact Yuma Police Department or click here.

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