Local family seeks Veteran care

Local family seeks Veteran care

YUMA, Ariz. - One family in Yuma is running out of options when it comes to caring for their beloved military veteran. Gerald Brown is a 30-year war veteran serving in the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

A month ago, Brown was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. He has limited options when it comes to care, according to his family. Brown's daughter, Jessica, lives in Riverside, California. His wife is in Yuma, but she is dealing with her own health issues. It's easiest for them to care for Brown in Yuma. 

Brown could receive full VA coverage for care, but he would have to leave Yuma and go to Tucson, where his wife and daughter wouldn't be able to visit him. Their other option would be home medical care, paying at least $7,000 out of pocket.

"I don't want him dying alone in Tucson. It's just not right, I mean, I understand that it's their choice to live in Yuma, but like I said, it's a military town. I just don't understand why they don't have more VA coverage" Jessica Dreger said. 

For now, Dreger and her family are raising funds so that they can afford to keep Brown at home in Yuma. You can check out the page here:

When checking in with the Southern Arizona VA health care system on whether they can help Brown stay in Yuma and receive the same care, they said they will review the Veteran's wishes. 



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