Local farmer receives recognition

Local farmer gets award

YUMA, Ariz. - One local farmer is being recognized for his hard work and innovation.

Tim Dunn, President of Tim Dunn Farms Inc. was awarded Farmer of the Year by the Arizona Farm Bureau on Thursday in Mesa, Arizona.

"We're just lucky to be in Arizona, especially here in Yuma County. Being among our peers, we have a ton of innovative farmers with the vegetable industry. We feed the world and we're just one of many that are very innovative and very successful at what we do," he said.

For Dunn, farming is a way of life. According to him, he's been farming since he was born. He is the third generation farmer and his son will be the forth generation. 

This is the first time the state has recognized Dunn with this award.

Dunn continues to strive to be as innovative as possible. He recently received a new seed planter. 

"It's used to plant our seed plots for our derm wheat and bread wheats but it's five feet wide and ten feet long and then we can take and analyze those seed varieties to see if they are going to be good quality," he said.

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