Local farmer selected for national agriculture program

John Baltes selected for PALs Program

(YUMA, Ariz.) - Ten farmers across the nation have been chosen to travel around the world and represent agriculture in media. 

One of them is from our own backyard in Yuma. 

John Boelts of Desert Premium Farms was selected to participate in the Partner Advocacy Leadership Program known as PALs.  A group of individuals that are put through high level and executive curriculum training, with the opportunity to travel the world and represent agriculture in media. 

"There's no greater satisfaction than producing a good crop against the odds considering what the weather could do.It's a special opportunity, I appreciate the opportunity to do it, and we're just getting started" Boelts said. 

The training is two years long and Boelts has already traveled across the nation speaking with other farmers, journalists, and law officials. 

"New York is kind of special.We went to Time Square, Central Park, and we went all over the city.We went to supermarkets to talk to people and asked, what kind of things they were buying, what mattered to them? Folks that I meet from all over across the country have eaten at restaurants and supermarkets where my products are in, and that's neat. It's always nice to have a connection and feel good about." 

Boelts is expected to visit Washington D.C. this fall before he goes overseas international. 

"Whether it's a congressional hearing, or a media opportunity- local, state, national... We(PALs) want to have plenty of folks ready to talk about the subjects related to agriculture and subjects the public really needs to understand."


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