Local "Grinch" stealing Christmas Decorations?

Missing Christmas Lights

Reports of stolen Christmas decorations off homes has neighbors concerned this holiday season.

Resident Lolies Avila, decorates her home every Christmas, and it's something her family looks forward to. One morning, she woke up with some of her decorations missing from her home.

"We woke up to this camera footage of our home, and someone had stolen our Christmas decoration, our snowman from our front yard. It could be any teenagers just thinking they're having fun at night? Stealing things in the middle of the night. I don't know if it's a family who maybe needs decorations for their family.Whatever the reason it is, it makes me sad that someone would take away from other at this time of year...especially. " 

Since Sunday, there have been five reports of stolen Christmas decorations to Yuma Police Department.

Sergeant  Lori Franklin says,"What seems to be the big thing that's being taken right now are the star showers, it's the little light thing that you put in front of your house and puts all of your lights on your house for decoration. It seems to be a big thing and it seems that it's highly getting stolen this Christmas season."

Y.P.D. encourages everyone to be aware of your surroundings and to look out in your neighborhood for any suspicious activity. 

"If you know your neighborhood, you know get up with your neighborhood, say hey look this is what's happening, if you don't know your neighbors, get to know your neighbors. They're going to be your best asset references. They see anybody suspicious wondering around your yard or anybody else's yard give us a call, let us come out and check it out"

At the moment, no suspect has been caught related to the missing Christmas decorations.  



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