Local helps thousands become American citizens: Supports two at naturalization ceremony


YUMA, Ariz. - President Donald Trump said he'd continue to stand by his Executive Order and crack down on illegal immigration on Tuesday. 

While his promise comes as sharp rhetoric for some, 28 people continued to pursue their dreams in Yuma County by taking the oath of citizenship.
Some attendees said it's an example that proves: Becoming a legal citizen is a tangible goal for anyone wanting the American Dream. 
A naturalization ceremony was help at the John M. Roll Courthouse on Friday. 
28 new citizens spent the morning taking the oath after going through a lengthy application process. 
Local immigration advocate, Marci Rios, said he attends every citizenship ceremony in Yuma County.
Moreover, he said he helped two out of the 28 go through the application process. 
Marci said he helps people become citizens for free all because one man helped him fulfill his dream, 45 years ago. 
"It's a good feeling to help people fulfill their dreams," Rios said. "That's why I do it." 
Over the last 32 years, Rios said he's helped over 7,000 people become U.S. citizens. 

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