Local hospital debuts couplet care rooms

Mom will be with baby 24/7

EL CENTRO, Calif. - The El Centro Regional Medical Center Debuted their new couplet care private rooms Wednesday.

News 11 was invited to tour the facility and learn the advantages of the new service.

 “There isn't any added cost into providing couplet care,” said Ruth Perry, Certified Nurse Midwife.

With couplet care moms will be able to enjoy a more intimate start with their new baby.

Avoiding the stress of separating baby from mother allows for better sleep, less crying and more feeding time.

 “I have a ten year old that was also born here and I received really good services but I’m excited that the baby is going to be staying in the room with me throughout my stay,” said Johanna Caballeros, expecting mother.

The new rooms are not only for mom and baby, but they have accommodations for a support person too.

 “With family centered care we promote what is called skin to skin contact, so the baby’s born, we bring the baby up and the baby is placed on mother's chest, and that’s the beginning of how they bond,” added Perry.

 “It’s one of the most important things for mothers that are expecting to be breastfeeding for example, it’s important for the child to be able to nest or to know who the mother is,” explained Caballero.

Studies show that couplet care can lead to longer breastfeeding.

A Mother/Baby Team with ECRMC provides a lactation support group to assist with patients in successful breastfeeding.

 “Our goal is to serve the community, provide family centered care for mom and for baby and allow her to be successful. And we welcome them,” said Perry.

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