Local residents face possible sewer and water rate increase


IMPERIAL, Calif. - Residents in the city of Imperial could soon see a rate increase for sewer and water services.


Tonight there's an open house where you can get your questions answered and find out what to do if do not agree with the increase.


“Our open house workshops are in effort to have a one on one with our community members to explain how these potential increases may impact them,” said Alexis Chalupnik, Management Analyst with the city of Imperial.


In October the city of Imperial released a rates study to its residents.


“Our last rate study was in 2009, with the last increase implemented in 2013,” explained Chalupnik.


Municipalities go through this process about every five to seven years. The city of Imperial says they have had structure improvements since and those costs have not been passed on to the ratepayers.


“What these increases are, based off of the study that was conducted, the capital improvement projects specific to our water and sewer treatment facilities and that infrastructure, that’s what these rates are for,” said Chalupnik.


Getting an estimate on how the increase may affect you can be confusing, which is why city employees are on hand to answer questions.


 “What we’re encouraging is residents to come in, bring their utility bill and we can show them on their bill what their consumption rates are and we can project what the increases will be and how it will impact them specifically for their household,” added Chalupnik.


But there is a chance that the increase won’t happen.


“There is definitely a chance that the increase may not pass, it’s dependent on the 50% plus one received protests to our city clerk's office. Once those are counted, then that in itself can overturn the proposed and we can no longer go forward,” said Chalupnik.


If there are not enough people protesting the rate increase, the council will decide on the increase.


A public hearing will be held December 6th, and the community is welcomed to attend, for more information you can visit

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