Locals celebrate MLK Day with march in Yuma

Locals celebrate Martin Luther King...
YUMA, Ariz. -

People across the country are celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. - The minister that lived to preach a message of freedom. 

The local NAACP chapter also honored the national leader, marching through the city on Monday. 

The chapter's President-elect, Norma Nelson, said the march began near 10th Street at 12 p.m.

The march was a gesture toward honoring the minister that advocated for freedom and equality for all Americans. 

Nelson said MLK day is an important holiday for the entire community, adding that King was a leader that left a powerful legacy, shaping American history.

"As a piece of history we never want to forget where we come from," Nelson said. "Martin Luther King is considered the moral leader of our country and I really honor that in him."

NAACP member, Thelma Lundy said it's important for her to participate in the march because it honors the legacy King left behind. 

"It's important for me to participate because of the struggle Dr. King went through, Lundy said. "He wanted to make sure life was different not just for African Americans but for everyday." 

Along with the march, the NAACP  hosted a lunch for the public afterward. 

Nelson said the proceeds from Monday's event would go directly toward scholarships for local students.


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