Locals wait in line for Black Friday deals

Black Friday lines

YUMA, Ariz. - It's the one time of the year where many shoppers wait hours and even days to get the best Black Friday bargain deals.


JCPenney opened their doors to anxious shoppers as early as 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. Shoppers are taking full advantage of the deals. 


"We're just buying for Christmas presents," one shopper said as they walked into JCPenney. 


Best Buy opened at 5 p.m. today, bringing in dedicated shoppers who are looking for the latest in tech.


"I want to get the Samsung Galaxy tablet, the 9.6," another shopper said she was eyeing. 

Some shoppers are more dedicated than others. Alejandro Sanchez said he's been in line since Wednesday morning.

"We've been waiting here since Wednesday at seven in the morning," Sanchez said. 

Sanchez, who usually makes it out Black Friday shopping with his brother, was with his family today. He even has claimed the first spot in line since 2014. This year, Sanchez and his family came prepared.

"We had a tent with an air mattress. We had a laptop watching the Lakers... it's like camping out," Sanchez said. 


Even with the record-breaking heat, many wait for one prized gift, including Sanchez. They have their eye on the SHARP 50-inch, 4K Ultra HD Roku TV, which is only $179.99 for Black Friday.


His plans after?


"After we go shopping, go home, eat some turkey and watch some football," Sanchez said.


Even after talking with those in line, they said that missing their Thanksgiving feast for great deals is definitely worth it. 


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