Making a Difference: AEA Federal Credit Union

Making a Difference: AEA
YUMA, Ariz. - "Our organization is people focused, whether we're helping a member with their financial needs or really helping someone in the community. So, it's an extension," says Brian Mendivil, President and CEO of AEA.
And that extension is being felt all over Yuma County. AEA Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative dedicated to people helping people.  This members based institution has not only given their employees a reason to serve its members, but to serve the community in a manner which is socially responsible, fiscally sound and trustworthy.
"Next year we'll be celebrating our 75 year, I'm celebrating my sixth year, and since I've been her for the last six years its been part of our corporate culture. AEA has a long history of giving in the community" says Mendivil.
Anna Corona the Regional Operations Manager says, "It's not just the front line staff who's volunteering, it's all the way up from top management that get involved in volunteer time."
They do multiple fundraisers every year, including  donating to the Cross Roads Mission and the Food Bank, but wearing jeans to work, believe it or not, is really Making a Difference.
"The Jeans Giver Program it's a program that we introduce at the beginning of the year. We allow our employees to make a donation and they get to wear jeans everyday. We've managed to raised almost ten thousand dollars through that program this year, something we are very proud of", says Dane Als, VP of HR Learning & Development.
They're also involved in recognizing local educators for their hard work with the "Teacher of the Year" Awards and provide thousands of dollars a year in local scholarships.
Als says, " One of my favorite events was the "Teach of the Year" I was on the selection committee of the finals and it's heartwarming to hear the stories form the teachers and how connected they are with the children."
"It's the 'AEA Endowment Fund' and that open to any student that   lives in Yuma County. Its a joy for me, each year I get one or two letters thanking me personally for assisting them to go to school" says Mendivil.
And Residents of Yuma County couldn't agree more as AEA has been voted "Yuma's Best" for the last nine years! 
"If anybody ever  needs us to volunteer some time, we're always there to help them out. We gather up employees and we just go and help out in the community" says Corona.
"Its the employees, its the community, its just a lot of fun, and for me it's gotta be fun" says Als.
"Whether we're volunteering at the Food Bank on a Sunday, Saturday, whenever they need, they'll just do a call" says Mendivil
A call they get everyday, is just another way they use their time to serve the community they love.

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