MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Housing America - Somerton

Making a Difference: Housing America Somerton

YUMA, Ariz. - It's the sound of hard work: Yuma county families literally building a foundation for the rest of their lives.

"We were living in apartments. We were comfortable, but when the opportunity presented itself, we thought is was great," says Rocio Inzunza, a first-time homeowner.

Gurisky Garza, the director of Housing America in Somerton tell News 11,
"We're excited because we've touched the lives of so many people. So many people that didn't have the opportunity before, now have it with the help of this program."

Housing America's self-help program is a home buyer program that assists very low to low income individuals or families, who are willing to build 65 percent of their own home. They build sweat equity, that is equivalent to up to 10 percent of the house value, making home ownership affordable. 

"They submit their application, and we interview them. We asked for specific information, as far as their income, bank statements, pay stubs, so we can verify. We also have to verify if they have had at least two years in the same line of work and we review their credit. And we them prepared for the home purchase," says Garza.

Families also take Home Ownership Education Classes and work in groups of 10 to 12 to build each other's houses. They put in 40 weekend hours every week led by a construction supervisor like Roemer Mojrarden, who trains them every step of the way.

"Every moment when we start the flooring, making the frame, every part of the process. Every step making me feel very good."

Gazra says, "So when we get a good family that comes in and they're ready, we do a happy dance because we don't have to go through the whole process. They're prepared, they did what they had to do to purchase a house. On the other hand, when they're not prepared, we help them get there. So, we building great relationships with each of our clients. Helping them get to home ownership."

Rocio has spent the last 10 months building her home and by next week,
her and her family can begin their lives on a foundation built to last.

Rocio says, "We are very happy because now my daughters will have their own space and we're all so excited to move in."

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