Making a Difference: Sure Helpline Crisis Center Imperial

Making a Difference: Sure Helpline...

EL CENTRO, Cali - "I can't imagine me home, when there's so much need out there and so many people to help and grandchildren to give a hand to, and mothers who are suffering, like I did" 


Sure Helpline Crisis Center seeks to improve the quality of life for those victimized by sexual or domestic violence, suicide, teen drug use and bullying; Providing awareness, intervention and prevention services in the imperial valley.

Founded in 1971, Director Margrate Sauza tells News 11 how it got started, stemming from her own personal experience.


"I was and I grew up in a dysfunctional home and married into a dysfunctional relationship. So, I went through the pain of being abused and hit. One of the reason it opened up wasn't for sexual assault, It was for some farmers wives who were having problem with their kids with drugs. So, they started a small group which through the year eventually became something big, which is what we are today."


Each client gets a one-on-one experience free of charge and a promise of confidentiality. They also provide council for situations, unique to this region.


"One of the ones that is more popular now are when people are illegally in the country and are being abused by a family member or their husband or wife. Because it does occur where it happens with men getting abused. it's all about women," says Sauza.


But we can't forget about the youth says Karla Soto, the Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Prevention Educator, 


 "Since my area is drug and alcohol I'll see many kids having drug problems or parents of kids who are struggling and what to learn about the warning signs. And trying to help kids understand the real consequences of bullying and how damaging it is for those who are being bullied."


It may be small, but it's perfect for tackling some of the families biggest issues, as those at Sure Helpline stand on the front line with our arms extended and hearts open, all to provide a nurturing non-judgmental home for all.


Soto says,"Once we know we have helped them and that we were successful, what we get don't have the words to describe it."


Sauze concludes, "No matter what the crisis is, no matter what the problem is, we are here to help you. We have many, many resources."


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