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YUMA, Ariz. - Instead of the money you owe going to the state, why not keep it local and have it benefit our county?

These non-profit charities are QCO's, qualified charitable organizations. There are only 12 QCO's in Yuma. These charities help with immediate needs like food, shelter and safety. They're required to spend at least half of their funds on meeting those needs. Issac Russell of 'Love Tree Farm,' one of the 12 charities tells us why it's good to keep the money local.

"Yuma really has the means and the where with all to take care of a lot of it's own problems in house. If they would spend the five minutes and the three boxes, literally that it takes to claim this tax credit. They could keep their tax money here and help solve one of our communities greatest problems," said Russell.

"Love Tree Farm" was founded in 2015 and gives 100 percent of it's proceeds to the food bank. Other charities on the list are Amberly's Place, The Salvation Army and Crossroads Mission.

If you know of someone or an organization "Making A Difference" in your life or community, email Madison Kimbro at or message her on her Facebook page at @Madisonkyma

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