Man arrested at mall for warning others against horrors of nuclear war

EL CENTRO, Calif. -

A man was arrested at I.V. Mall for passing out information about the horrors of nuclear war – without permission from mall administration.

The man identified as Robert Holzman, from the San Diego based organization Ground Zero Players, was arrested for passing flyers against nuclear war at I.V. Mall on Sunday.

Police took Holzman into custody when he refused to leave the premises after several warnings.

Holzman said he was there commemorating the anniversary of the first ever atomic bombing in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. He said rising tensions between North Korea, Iran and the U.S. makes the observance of this day more important for people to remember the horrors of nuclear war.

Mall security guards and police warned Holzman he was not allowed to pass out literature of any kind on mall property without permission. After still refusing to leave, Holzman was arrested and taken to county jail.

Holzman explained what he wanted to accomplish with his demonstration and passing of flyers at the mall in front of the Cinemark Theatres.

“We want the United States to enter in to diplomatic talks with North Korea, all the surrounding nations, and come up with a treaty or an agreement that no country shall use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against another,” Holzman said.

Mall security said Holzman will be charged with trespassing private property. They said anyone interested in doing any type of activity at the mall should ask for written permission from I.V. Mall administration.

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