Man nearly stabbed to death by alleged gang of taggers

Gang of alleged taggers stab man

CALEXICO, Calif. -

A man walking with two minors near a park is brutally attacked for giving a good example.

Calexico police said a 20-year old man nearly lost his life for doing the right thing.

Detective Armando Orozco said they “found an injured male that had several stab wounds and head injuries on his person.”

The ordeal for the local resident began at the community center park on Sunday afternoon.

“Three juveniles were caught by the victim and two witnesses graffitting on city property. The victim just called it to their attention,” Orozco said.

The teens leave but soon come back with a car full of friends.

“A vehicle pulled up next to the victim. Five people jumped out of the vehicle. Three of them being the juveniles,” Orozco said.

They surround the victim and stab him multiple times causing life-threatening injuries.

“The two witnesses fled in different directions from the victim. And the victim was caught,” Orozco said.

A surveillance camera at the park helped to identify the alleged attackers.

“The building had a video camera system added to it and we were able to recover the video of the incident. And that’s how the three juveniles, the suspects, were identified,” Orozco said.

35-year-old Joanna Desiderio, mother of one alleged attacker, was arrested, as well.

“The suspect assisted in hiding, covering up or destroying evidence, or keeping the suspects away from being captured or taken into custody,” Orozco said.

The victim is in stable but guarded condition.

The teens are being charged with attempted homicide. Police said they might be tried as adults. The mother is being charged as accessory to a felony.

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