Man suffers serious burns from kitchen fire

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Fire Department responded to a kitchen fire that left a man with serious burns Tuesday. 

Just after 2:30 p.m., Yuma Fire responded to a report of a person with burn injuries. YFD found a man with serious injuries caused by a fire that happened in his kitchen. 

The man was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Fire investigators concluded that the man was heating grease on the stove and left the kitchen for a short time. The grease in the pan ignited and set off a smoke alarm. The reaction between the water and burning grease explosively spread the fire, igniting his clothing and causing the man's burns. 

The kitchen's damage was limited to the area that immediately surrounded the stove.

The most common place for fires to start in the home is in the kitchen. The most common place in the kitchen for fires to start is on the stove top and the most common reason is unattended cooking.


Never use water to try and extinguish a grease fire. A dry chemical fire extinguisher or, if it can be done safely, placing the pan’s lid on top of the flame and turning off the stove are much better methods of putting out a grease fire. Better still, to avoid injury, exit the home and call 911.

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