Man tries to lure elementary school girl into his car

Girl approached by stranger in car

YUMA, Ariz. - Another incident this evening of stranger danger, as a Knox Elementary school student was approached while walking home from school. 

This incident happened yesterday afternoon right after school when a girl, who's name has not been released was approached by a redheaded bearded man in a car. She was on her way to meet her mother at Tuscany Plaza on Avenue B and 28th street in Yuma when the car pulled up. We spoke with Crane School District superintendent Laurie Doering who shares with us what the suspect reportedly said.

"My belief it was something of the context of, 'Your mother wants me to pick you up.' That's something children could fall for thinking, oh, okay, my mom sent this person to come get me. That's why we always tell kids, if it's someone you don't know or don't feel comfortable with. Don't go with them and report it immediately," said Doering.

Luckily the girl knew not to enter the car and when she resisted, the man sped off. A good tip mentioned on Facebook was to give your child a password. Some word that whomever is picking them up must know in order to verify that they are not a stranger. YPD has been notified and is currently on the look out for the suspect.  

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