Man wanted in stabbing of three people at house party arrested

(CALEXICO, Calif.) - 19-year-old Andrew Landa, wanted in the stabbing of three people at a Calexico house party promoted on social media, was recently arrested by Imperial Police.

Landa was arrested after an off-duty Border Patrol agent surprised him and another suspect burglarizing the agent’s neighbor’s car in the city of Imperial.

The agent held Landa at gunpoint while Imperial Police arrived and made the arrest. The other suspect got away. Landa was in Superior Court this week on Wednesday and Friday.

Calexico Police said Landa was originally detained at the house party incident. 

However, Landa was released by accident in the confusion of an officer having a leg broken in a scuffle with another suspect at the party. The officer is recovering from his injury.

Landa is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

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