Mandatory paid sick leave for state employees

As part of PROP 206

PROP 206- Paid sick leave
YUMA, Ariz. - Arizona will soon have mandatory paid sick leave for state employees. The law takes effect on July 1st and comes from proposition 206 that increased the minimum wage in Arizona. This affects nearly everyone in the state's workforce. John Courtis, the Executive Director for Yuma's Chamber of Commerce gives more details on the logistics of the law. 
"Whether your a part-time person or full-time person, every thirty hours worked, that means you get one paid sick hour off and the trick for employees, which was tough for us to get across, they have to be able to track it. So the law says employers must have that accrual on the pay stub itself, said Courtis."
Courtis also adds that its a "use it or lose it" proposition. Which means for instance, that at the end of the year, if a person has three sick days left, employers want to make sure employees aren't using those as vacation days.

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