Marine students get a taste of the real world through training

Marines get a taste of real world...

Advanced tactical weapon training has been going on for about 40 years.

The purpose of the 7-week WTI program is to provide realistic training that allows students apply to real world situations.

The Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One will prepare for full combat operations through realistic training on Friday.

That training exercise on Friday is called Assault Support Tactics-3. Over 200 students from all over the globe are going to focus on conducting non-combatant evacuation operations and providing humanitarian assistance. 

"We want to provide our students with this realistic opportunity to have the experience to learn and grow to understand what this evolution looks like, so when they go forward to actually doing it in the real world, they'll be better prepared in actually doing so," said Major Andrew Baxter, the AST-3 Evolution Coordinator.

To pull off training, Yuma provides the perfect landscape to accomplish air, ground, and support tactics. Marines will be training at Crane and Centennial Middle School, Yuma Regional Medical Center, Trinity Christian Center, but mainly at Kiwanis Park. 

One practice at Kiwanis Park will test Marines in a mass casualty situation.

"It's going to add a real wrinkle in our leadership, the student leaders, as they try to decipher this problem"

Be prepared, as Friday, aircrafts will be flying across Yuma. Yuma and Military police will also be on hand for safety precautions. They're also taking the necessary precautions when it comes to aircraft safety, following all FAA regulations. The forklifts they use tend to leak, and to prevent any damage to the sites, they're using drip-pans. 

Major Baxter said that the Marines are grateful to have Yuma as their training ground.

"We couldn't do it without the city of Yuma, so we take that very seriously to make sure we leave the sites better than we found them," added Maj. Baxter.

They're inviting the public to come watch the exercise, which starts Friday at 4 p.m., just to be cautious of yellow tape and follow instructions of local authorities. 

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