Mathcounts puts students to the test

The Mathcounts competition has students using their brain to stay in the game. 


"The kids are super smart, they're like calculators," said Charles Guiterrez. "You can see their brain clicking and their eyes moving all around. The excitement on their faces is beyond expression." 


The nationwide program challenges students with Algebra 1 questions and tough equations to see who will go on to compete in the state competition. 


"The problems were being tested on are math problems but I think they're more difficult than the ones you would take in school," said Hailey, a middle school student from Ron Watson. 


It's not only a competition but a learning experience with local mathematicians deciding the winners. 


"This whole entire Mathcounts is sponsored by so many of our engineering groups," said Joann Chang. "I think it's really important to emphasize to these students that as long as you believe in yourself and don't believe in the negatives. If you do run into some trouble into mathematics, keep working on it and you'll get yourself far." 


Individual Awards:
1st Place - Janell Sanchez - Crane Middle School
2nd Place - Busha Osman - Centennial Middle School
3rd Place - Hailey Chulamorkodt - Woodard Middle School

Countdown Awards:
1st Place - Alberto DeLaTorre - Centennial Middle School
2nd Place - Paola Ruvalcaba - San Luis Middle School
3rd Place - Joseph Spears - Ron Watson Middle School

Team Awards:
1st Place - Crane Middle School
2nd Place - Centennial Middle School
3rd Place - Ron Watson Middle School


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