Medical Tourism booming in Los Algodones

Medical Tourism booming in Los Algodones

ALGODONES, B.C. - "Major dental work... the cost savings is incredible." 

"I come here for medicines, I come here for dental work."

"I came down here last May for Dental work." 

While visiting Los Algodones, the "Molar City", this is what some visitors had to say about their visit.

Los Algodones' nickname is "Molar City", so it makes sense. With cheap and fast services, it attracts Americans and Canadians alike.

People near and far visit Los Algodones, bringing their business and to spend money on cheaper products like prescription drugs. For example, an asthma prescription in Mexico costs about $60... in the United States, it's about three times as much. 


Cheap products aren't the only thing that is bringing visitors to the city.


"The dentists are fantastic and they're quick," one visitor said.


"Pricing, professionalism, and they take care of you," another visitor added.


A few visitors even added that the atmosphere is what keeps bringing them back to Los Algodones. 


When speaking with pharmacy employees, they said that business has increased.


"Business is picking up 100%. There's going to be double the tourists this year because of the tornadoes that happened in Texas and Florida," Miguel Gil said, who works at Pharmacy Liquis. 


Gil also added that going to Los Algodones is a great alternative to getting medical services in the United States.


"We all have the same quality, same materials, same everything for about 10 to 15 times cheaper," said Gil. 


With an influx of new winter visitors, these businesses are serving more people.


"Two thousand people, a day. Here, and those opticals, three pharmacies, medical doctors, I'm including them all," Gil said. 


When we asked employees when they noticed an increase of visitors, they said it started about two weeks ago. 

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