Mexicali residents cross into U.S. in search for gasoline

Calexico gas stations impacted

CALEXICO, Calif. - As massive demonstrations across Mexico continue over rising gasoline prices

Border towns in the Desert Southwest are starting to see longer lines at gas stations with some running out of gas.

Gas stations in Mexicali, Mexico started running out of gas on Monday evening and come Tuesday morning one of the most popular gas stations here in The Imperial Valley started running out of gas too.

Long lines were forming as drivers came to fill up their tank, but shortly after ten o’clock workers had to close the pumps.

 “We weren't prepared, we sale a lot of gasoline at this station and we are hitting records with sales,” said Federico Navarro, AMPM Employee.

We spoke to one gentleman who said people in cities like Mexicali are lucky to be closer to the border.

 “Fortunately the people that live here near the border, many of us have the option of getting gas in the U.S. But those that can't are stuck, some can't even get to work,” explained Juan Flores, Mexicali Resident.

Postal workers from Mexico who did not want to talk on camera said they had to cross to get gas, so they can continue their work.

And a couple traveling from Phoenix heard what was happening and decided to fill up their tank before heading home to Mexicali.

 “We heard that there was no gasoline and that there was up to a three hour wait to cross into Calexico and get gas,” said Sergio Cortes, from Mexicali.

Workers at the AMPM in Heber tell us that a fuel tank is on it was from San Diego and they hope to reopen soon.

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