Mexico Border refusing large food donation from Church Pastor

Mexican Border refusing Church Pastor...
San Luis, Arizona - A church in San Luis is having a problem donating food across the Mexican Border to families in need
For the last 16 years, every week, Pastor Jose Manuel Castro of Gethsemani Baptist Church, have fed families locally and across the border in Mexico. 

Castro receives his donations thru food banks and churches throughout Arizona. Donating clothes, furniture, shoes, but most importantly a large amount of food. Water, juices, to nearly 3-tons of bread every week. Castro is one to spread the "blessing" as much as he can, but it looks like he's hit a roadblock. Castro says Mexico's Tax Administration new regulations have refused his goods due to the expiration date, either close or a few days past. 
" The product is not expired it's in stores, it's expensive. We received a lot of products "expired" but it's in a very good condition. You can see around me, the water, the juice, the mayonnaise, all in excellent condition. Yes, it's expired but it's in very good condition, but people could still use it. The family can still use it" Castro said. 
According to, the shelf life of bread opened or unopened can last up to seven days in a pantry or six months in a freezer. 
"For 15 or 16 years, we've crossed the border with this produce.I don't know why now, we have a lot of emphasis on the date." 
Castro is waiting for help on his situation from the community so he can be able to bless thousands of families once again. 
"We are dumping in the trash, two or three tons of bread every week." 

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