Mexico drivers don't have access to gas in border towns

Drivers are crossing into the U.S. to pump gas

U.S. - MEX. - Drivers in Mexicali, Algodones and San Luis Rio Colorado don't have access to gasoline.

Mexican drivers, who are able to enter the U.S., are crossing the border to fill up their cars at gas stations in Calexico, Heber and San Luis, Arizona.

For some gas stations, like the one on Heber Road and Highway 111 in Imperial County, consumers have bought every single gallon of gasoline. Gas clerks say they are now left waiting to refill their supply.

One driver claims only two Pemex gas stations were open in San Luis Rio Colorado. However, law enforcement and politicians were the only ones allowed to pump gas.


This comes after several days of rioting in several cities across Mexico after the federal government, which regulates gasoline, announced gas prices would increase up to 20 percent.

This is a developing story, we will bring you more details as they become available.


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