Military Matters: In with the new out with the old

Aging attack chopper fleet to be sold

I think it's safe to say that each time someone drives on Yuma's 32nd Street near Avenue 3E they get a sense of pride as they drive by Marine Corps. Air Station Yuma. On any given day the tarmac is filled with a variety of aircrafts. As we've all grown up with these war machines, we have a sense of loss when we hear of one of them being replaced. 

   As was with the Harrier the AH-1W Super Cobra is in desperate need of an upgrade. Although many have been retrofitting with the latest Viper package many will soon be sold to foreign parties. In the past Jordan has favored well with used American military hardware and other countries appear to also be looking forward to these versatile fighters being placed on the market. 

   It will now fall on the U.S. State Department to see which aircrafts are sold and which ones are donated to aid allies. 

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