Military community members hope to bring film 'Thank You for Your Service' to Yuma

Looks at how PTSD affects those returning from war

Thank You For Your Service

YUMA, Ariz. - 'Thank You for Your Service' is a film that takes a look at how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects American servicemen and women returning home from war. For many, this is a reality.

"Things are a lot different," explains Vietnam War Veteran Walt Schumacher. "And the scare, if you please, that could be put in any soldier in combat today can be quite fierce on their minds."

Schumacher is a Vietnam War veteran, and says he looks back fondly on his time in service.

"I was brought back home safely. I was wounded three times over there but they weren't life-threatening," shares Schumacher. "But I managed to have some good memories out of it and I chose to keep those memories."

Schumacher acknowledges the hard moments as well.

"Sometimes it feels like you have failed. And haven't done your job."

This is why Schumacher and other members of the military community are joining together in bringing the film "Thank you for your service" to Yuma, Arizona.

"I think everybody, whether they've been in the service or not, should take a good look at it because you may have a family member that was in the war, and oftentimes they don't expose themselves," stresses Schumacher. "They may not let on that they're having a problem with it but sometimes you need to look closely through discussion or lack of discussion, and always befriend that person."

The trailer can be viewed here and interested viewers can reserve tickets here to bring the film to Harkins Theatres at the Yuma Palms. If the movie does not end up coming to Yuma due to lack of participation then those who have reserved at ticket will not be charged.

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