Minimum wage goes up in 3 days

YUMA, Ariz. - Listen up!

Many Arizonians, as well as people across the states will ring in the New Year with a raise. As of January 1st, minimum wage will go up to $10.50, that is fifty cents more than the minimum wage now. 

We took the liberty to ask people around town their thoughts on minimum wage going up. A local business in Yuma agreed that it should be higher and that it would not affect his business.

Hector DeLaVega is a small business owner in Yuma. DeLaVega owns two restaurants with a total of ten employees. You might recognize his restaurant driving down 4th Avenue or 24th Street. Best known for their burritos, 'Jector's'  has been around for eight years now and the business has been growing ever since. He believes as a business owner that his employees should get paid well.

$10.50 is good, but it could be better.

 We asked people their thoughts and most believe that the wage should be higher than $10.50, but they did not mind the raise.

Though some might be concerned that the cost of living will go up, many also believe that raising the minimum wage is one step towards helping low-income families make ends meet and students in college as well.  More money means more spending for the economy and it could be a good thing.

Opponents to the proposed law then, Gov. Ducey and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce warned that the higher wages might cost a loss of jobs, however statistics show that the state's jobless rate fell from 5 percent to 4.5 percent in 2017, creating more opportunities for people to work.

In 2019 the minimum wage will jump to $11.00 an hour and $12.00 in 2020.

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