Mother of child fighting cancer gives blood to save others

Mother of child fighting cancer gave...

HOLTVILLE, Calif. - This is 7-year-old Caelynn. Her family says blood transfusions saved her life.

Caelynn's mother, Letty Iten, said, “my daughter had cancer and she received so many blood donations whenever she was in chemotherapy treatment.”

Iten, was one of nearly 50 people Saturday morning at Holtville’s blood drive.

“There’s so many other people that need these transfusions in order to survive,” Iten said.

The annual event is in honor of Melania Trevino, who died recently of cancer at age three.

Halos and Tiaras member Robin Iten, who organized the blood drive event, told us, “Our goal is for thirty-two units. But, we’re here to save lives and to pay it forward.”

A San Diego Blood Drive official said blood is always needed.

“We usually only have a supply of only two days average each day. So, there’s always going to be a need. So, two days’ supply average, maybe even less than that sometimes,” Kay Langit said.

Iten said the hardest part of donating blood is the prick on the finger to give the initial sample.

“The most painful for me. For some reason that hurts me more than the actual needle going in my arm,” Iten said.

She said she'll continue donating blood every chance she gets because donating blood saves lives.

“With one donation that you do you could save up to three lives. And you might be the next person that needs that blood donation,” Iten said.

At the end of the event, the Holtville blood drive successfully reached their goal of collecting 32 pints of blood on Saturday.

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