Mother of groped child warns parents

Mother of child allegedly groped...

The mother of a five-year-old child allegedly groped in Calexico is upset and wants the man who did it behind bars. We spoke to her on Saturday. Her identity is hidden to protect the family.

“Very, extremely angry at the guy and I was angry at myself, too, because I thought I should have been paying more attention,” the mother said.

They were recently at a Calexico store when the alleged abuse happened.

“The guy grabbed her boobs, she said squeezed it twice, she went twice. She felt uncomfortable and weird,” the mother said.

The mother told us her child told her of the groping when they had walked two aisles away from where it happened. The mother immediately walked back to find the man and confront him, but he wasn’t there anymore. She then walked outside the store to wait for the man. She was looking for a single man.

“I thought the man was by himself the whole time. I sat down outside the store just waiting for him to come out?” The mother said.

She was shocked when police told her the man was not alone, but accompanied by possibly a wife and adult son.

“I was not expecting someone with a family,” the mother explained.
Based on what her family is going through because of this incident, she has a warning for parents.

“Don’t take off your eyes from your children. A safe thing to do is to have them always in front of you not to the side. I would advice parents that when a stranger approaches your child, to not be afraid or embarrassed to tell them not to get close to her or him,” the mother said.

She wants the man arrested for the safety of other kids, as well.

“Maybe this man has touched kids all the time in the store and the kids have never told their parents. Imagine if he has access to a child for a long time. It might be possible this dude is a child molester or a rapist,” the mother said.

Most of all, she wants her little girl to know that it wasn’t her fault.

“Educate people that it’s not their fault when someone molests them or touches them inappropriately, because one of the comments my daughter made to me was that maybe the man touched her because I dressed her so pretty. That just broke my heart completely,” the mother said.

if anyone recognizes the man who allegedly groped the little girl, Calexico Police encourages  them to contact them immediately.

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