Mulch fire keeps burning four days later

YUMA, Ariz. - A mulch fire off County 12th Street and Avenue A is still burning after fire crews have been continuously battling the blaze for days.

Fire officials say they are working to put it out but smoke is expected to be seen for the next couple of days.

The fire started last Saturday when flames erupted at the Blue Sky Burning and Recycling Facility behind Desert Hills Golf Course.

Yuma Fire and Rural-Metro Fire department were able to contain the fire but have since let it burn out.

Many residents say they are still bothered by the smoke in the area. Health officials say people with asthma or respiratory issues are advised to stay away from the area and close any windows or doors.  

Rural-Metro officials are working with the owner of the property to thin out the mulch to help take out the fire.

Investigators say the fire seems to be accidental.

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